Sunday, September 20, 2009

*pirate tattoos

Me and Kaare got pirate tattoos in Kanchanaburi, here is a poem about the experience. I meant to post it sooner, but obviously i didn't.

Last night we found a whiskey bar
that charged 10 bhat per glass
and had two jars
of free rolling tobacco

Kaare and I
sat in front of that
checkered table cloth
on those short
checkered barstools
and alternated
buying the round

We bought a last drink
for luck
and headed to the tattoo shop
buy out guesthouse

The artist finished mine
but the gun broke
before my tattoo was filled
and before Kaare’s was started

We returned to the whiskey bar
to celebrate a half successful mission

Back at the guesthouse
I played the mini tat theme
for Kaare on my laptop
before we went to sleep

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