Tuesday, August 17, 2010

*good morning kerouac

A little first thought best though piece that I thought I'd share. I wrote it on the morning of August 11th and (to keep with the Kerouac ideal,) haven't changed anything, with the exceptions of spelling and occasional capitalization. I hope you enjoy.

Good Morning Kerouac

Nong Khai Stations's
computer is down

I'm across the street
"about an hour"
to buy a ticket

Sleep's been scarce
the last few days
and I've lost track of
my winds

but I've got one now
whatever number it is

I drink a cup of coffee
and don't feel different
which is fine

I'm also waiting for the rain
to slow
to a reasonable flow

so I can make
my way across
this 4 lane road
with parking areas
on either side
back to the station

When I'm three quarters
asleep on buses
I find that I can
sometimes hear voices in my head
and listen to them
and be amazed
that I don't know where
the content is coming from

and sometimes
I can see images
and be delighted
by how wonderfully strange
they are
and wonder how I can
watch images in my
own head
as an outsider
completely innocent as to their

I begin reading Ginsberg's
introduction to Kerouac's Poems
All Sizes

but abandon it
pages in
and forward to the poetry

The first poem was written on a bus

The second about
which yesterday
was becoming an option
as I realized that overlooking pre-
long weekend commuters
could hinder the bus
and I
needed to be

The Third
about Neal Cassady
appearing in court

He offers advice to Neal

"So have another beer"

some advice never goes
out of style

So I was going to wait
till I crossed the boarder
into Lao

good morning Kerouac