Sunday, March 20, 2011

*D.I.Y. for the retarded

A couple of years ago I started a D.I.Y. press called -dead seagull press- ( Under that name I rerleased the chapbook recyclable language featuring Kaare Iverson, Kara Campbell, Rob Coslett and myself as well as a CDEP titled The Strikingly Unprofessional EP recorded live at family dinner.

I recently found out that there is another independent press operating under the same name ( What are the chances eh? Seeing as their Dead Seagull Press is more established than mine it looks like i have to change my name... introducing... -shallow shell press-

I made this badass logo today using paint. I plan to have the shell saying a different shallow word or phrase on every release. Basically I guess all I have to do now is start releasing.

(ps- thanks Cole)